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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is WCUMC like? No matter where you are on your faith journey, we welcome you to join us as we worship, serve, and love our community in unique ways.  Our goal is to provide a peaceful, loving, and nurturing environment that allows us to have a relationship with God.  
  • What about my kids? At this time, child care for little ones can be arranged with previous notice. Sunday School begins during worship services. We all start together in the sanctuary and the kids go off to class partway through service after a children's message.  There are many opportunities for your children to participate in the choirs and youth groups that are part of our church.  
  • How can I get connected? If you have any questions, you can call the church office at 978-251-4834 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday from 9AM - 1PM to ask any questions.  Alternatively, see the information on our website.
  • Do you have any expectations of us? Nope. Relax. We just want to offer you some time and space to worship God, and we only expect you to be yourself. You can participate as much as you want, or just observe. 
  • Where do I park? The WCUMC parking lot holds about twenty cars.  Parking is available on the street outside the church.
  • What do I wear? Wear what you feel comfortable in!  There is no dress code but you will find some people feel comfortable in blazers and dresses while others are in jeans and a shirt/sweater.
  • Will we introduce you? No. As we meet you before or after the service, we’ll welcome you and invite you to coffee hour.  You will be made to feel welcome by many.
  • What about bad weather? Bad weather is inevitable in New England. People who have responsibilities on Sunday will be notified by phone. We will put a message on the church voicemail system (978-251-4834) and we will post the information on the homepage. We also list the information on WCVB (Channel 5).