West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Weekly Church Bulletin

July 21, 2019                                                   6th Sunday after Pentecost

9:00 AM



*Opening Hymn –“How Great Thou Art”                              UMH  77

*Call to Worship

We gather in this holy place:

Hoping a song touches our hearts,

Looking for strength to endure,

Willing a prayer to reach heaven,

Longing for peace to well up within,

Listening for a word that comforts,

Waiting for a word of grace

Desiring an outpouring of God's Spirit.

We gather together, in holy anticipation,

And God meets us here.


  Prayer of Confession

O God, you are the Holy One, and your faithfulness is constant.  Forgive us when we spurn your love, turning from your open embrace to run to the things we think will bring us happiness and security.  In your mercy, bring us back to your side, to the arms that ache to hold us and the love that longs to heal us.  In Christ's name we pray.  Amen.


  Words of Assurance

  Sharing of Joys and Concerns

  Silent Prayer

  Call to Prayer

      The Lord be with you.

      And also with you.

      Let us continue to pray.

  Pastoral Prayer /Lord’s Prayer








  Children’s Time

  Old Testament Reading – Psalm 121  ** (page 539)

*Hymn – “Into My Heart                                                     FWS  2160

  Gospel Reading – Luke 10: 38 - 42  **  (page 67)




*Presentation of Gifts with Doxology                                    UMH  94


  Hymns selected by the Congregation





            *Those who are able please stand.


**After each scripture reading please respond, “Thanks be to God”



We extend a warm greeting to all who worship here today. We especially greet those persons who are visitors. Please sign the friendship pad.


UMH refers to The United Methodist Hymnal

FWS refers to the Faith we Sing


The Flowers on the altar this morning are given to the Glory of God by Carole, Rebecca, and Gregory Wyant in loving memory of Geoff, husband and father.




   Lay Reader – Debbie Allen

   Pastor – Reverend Mack Hagins

   Guest Organist – Steve Hunt





Sunday, July 21st – 6th Sunday after Pentecost

   9:00am – Worship Service   10:00am – Refreshments/Fellowship outside

Wednesday – St. Paul’s Meal




Sunday, July 28th – 7th Sunday after Pentecost

   9:00am – Worship Service

   10:00am – Refreshments/Fellowship outside


Ongoing Prayer Requests:

Victims of violence of all kinds

Victims of racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance


Donations Needed for VBS 2019 - Over the course of the next several weeks, the VBS Planning Team will be asking for donations for various items needed for our week in Athens!  If you have any of these items to donate, please contact Sarah Laflamme.


·       1-2 more easy up canopies

·       bean bags

·       6 more shoe boxes

·       jump ropes

·       empty wrapping paper rolls

·       tennis balls

·       hula hoops

·       frisbees


Do you love jewelry?  The holiday fair is seeking a chairperson for the Jewelry Table!!  Our current chairperson, Nancy Luscombe, is moving away and we need someone to step in to keep our jewelry table alive!  This table is well loved by shoppers and generates a great deal of money to benefit the church, so we'd like to keep it going!  The role involves collecting donations of jewelry, getting appraisals on the items that may be valuable, organizing and pricing the donations, setting up the table for the fair (Thurs/Fri before the fair), staffing the table the day of the fair and cleaning up/organizing leftover jewelry after the fair.  All of this can be done with help, or by a team of people.  We can help teach and guide you!  If you are interested in helping, please reach out to Heidi Vaughan at (508) 878-1589 or email at hvaughan00@gmail.com. Thank you!!!


Prayer Chain - If you would like to be added to the church prayer chain via email please email me at barnald@verizon.net with your first and last name and the email address where you wish to receive these messages.  I will then add you to the list.  Thanks, Beth Arnald