West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Saturday, April 04, 2020

Ministries of Our Church


Our church is home to those in search of a better life through Jesus Christ. 
Faith, Family, and Future are the cornerstones of this nurturing community. 
Our service to the world is inspired by God's love

(WCUMC 2011 Vision Statement).  
The vision statement of West Chelmsford United Methodist Church exemplifies what it means to be part of an active and inspired church community.  WCUMC invites you to partake in any of the multiple ministries of our church that actively provide service to the world.   Whether you seek traditional or contemporary styles of worship, or perhaps you just want to learn a little more about being part of a community of faith – WCUMC has just the niche for you.

There is always “something for everyone” to enjoy.  By embracing the cornerstones of Faith, Family, and Future, each distinct ministry within the life of WCUMC offers the possibility for personal connection, spiritual growth, and life fulfillment.   Some activities are traditional, with a long-standing history and richness that inspires each of us in individual, yet wonderful ways --- others are new and unique, indicative of our willingness to explore different options and service opportunities.  Regardless of the type of venue, you can always be assured that there is “something for you and your family” at West Chelmsford United Methodist Church.

For specific information about some of the Ministries of Our Church, please consult
the following pages of this Web Site:

Christian Education:  Learn more about the comprehensive Christian Education programming for children and adults of our congregation.  There is never a dull moment in the Sunday School calendar and you’ll find that children of all ages have something to gain by participating in any of the Christian Education activities!

Jr. UMYF:  See how our 6th, 7th and 8th graders contribute valuably
to the life of our church.

Missions:  The Missions Committee supports many projects and community outreach activities at local, regional, national and international levels.  Perhaps there’s a place for you to serve in one or more of these projects?  People of ALL ages get involved in events and activities that support the community at large.

Music:  WCUMC’s Music Ministry is highly regarded as a high quality, impressive program.  Under the direction of Karen Leonard, the caliber of music performed and presented at WCUMC is one of the primary attractions to service.  Check out the Music Ministry page
to learn how you can add your musical talents to the program!

Sr. MYF:  Come discover why so many High School youth are involved in the Sr. MYF activities at WCUMC.   From discussions about issues that challenge today’s teenagers, to events that support the greater good of our community and beyond, you’ll be impressed with the accomplishments of the youth of our church.

Worship:  Whether you choose to praise God in a traditional or a more contemporary style, there are worship opportunities to suit your individual tastes and preferences at WCUMC.  Come see and learn what options best suit you!

    To learn about some of the other activities and opportunities within the life of WCUMC, please consult the monthly “Calendar” page of this web site,
or contact us directly (see the “About Us” page of this Web Site for details).