West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Sunday, March 29, 2015


I don’t need to tell you the kind of winter weather we have endured in the last month. Since late January it has been one snowstorm after another, with times of very cold weather in between the storms. All of us in the region have spent extra time, effort and money on shoveling, snow throwing, roof-raking and other projects made necessary by the weather.


            With all of that to do at our homes and places of business, I have been impressed by the many hours the people of our church have dedicated to dealing with the same issues around our church building and property. Like your home, our church building and property have required extra effort to keep it safe and usable during this stretch of weather. We have a landscaping company that plows our parking lot and shovels our walks, and a sexton who does some day-to-day shoveling and spreading ice-melt, but in this situation many others in our congregation have quietly pitched in to take care of our building and property. Many times I have walked toward the building to find a volunteer shoveling the latest deposit of snow from the entrance to the Educational Building from the parking lot. Others have helped clean up the floor after we have tracked in snow, salt and sand from outside.


            One group deserves special thanks. Our Board of Trustees, who have responsibility for maintaining the building and property, have worked especially hard to take care of our church home. Various trustees have spent time behind the church’s snow-thrower, widening the parking lot after it was plowed, or clearing the snow that periodically comes down from the church roof onto the parking lot or the sidewalk. Others have worked with a roof rake to pull down snow from our other roofs. Those efforts culminated on Saturday, Feb. 21 when the trustees hired a contractor to remove the large amount of snow from the roof of the educational building and entrance. The contractor worked hard on the roof, but a group of trustees worked on the ground removing the snow that was dumped off the roof so it didn’t block the parking lot or walkways. And did I mention that the temperature that morning was about 5 degrees?


            I won’t mention any names, because there are too many to mention. I also sense that people didn’t do it for public credit; they did it because they love their church property and know that it has needed some extra attention this winter.


            I hope this thank-you is at the end of the bad weather, and not in the middle. But if it snows again next week, I know the people of this church will be there to do what is necessary.

Reverend Mack