West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 26, 2016

On Sunday, September 25 we celebrated the 1-year anniversary of the Love Lift Us Up Campaign for Accessibility. It was a good time to reflect, give thanks, and take stock of where we are. Just over a year ago we sent out visitors on behalf of our church to personally invite members and friends of our congregation to make gifts and pledges to the Campaign. With the positive results from our campaign our Building Committee began working with our architects to plan the work itself.

On Sunday I was pleased to announce that our congregation has now exceeded our original goal of $400,000 for the campaign! I am so proud of the way our congregation has come together to support this important work, and we should take a moment to celebrate that fact. I expressed the thanks of our congregation to the Capital Fund Drive Committee and their co-leaders, Kathy Lawless and Angela McAlister. As most of you know, it looks like we will need a bit more than $400,000 to complete the work, but the plans are still being finalized so we don’t have an accurate estimate of that final cost. We will keep you informed as we have more information, and we will likely need to ask you for more financial support to put us over the top. But so far, the congregation has done everything we asked of you financially, and I am very confident that we will do whatever needs to be done to complete the project.

Chris Hoff from the Building Committee reported that we are currently adjusting the design slightly so it will be approved by the state architectural board that must approve parts of our accessibility plan. We hope to have that resolved in the next few weeks, after which we will get building permits from the town and begin the work! I expressed thanks to the Building Committee on behalf of the congregation for their hard work and dedication.

Our focus on September 25 was on celebrating how far we have come, and on the need to “stay the course” and continue to work toward our goal. I know with God’s help we will reach our goal of a church building that has two vertical lifts and a handicap-accessible bathroom so that our building welcomes everyone who comes through our doors.

Reverend Mack