West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Friday, March 24, 2017


 It has (finally) begun. After almost 2 ½ years of planning and preparation, the work on our Accessibility Building Project began on February 14. This is an exciting time around the church buildings, as our vision of an accessible church facility becomes a reality. 

A large dumpster appeared in the church’s driveway and a crew began dismantling the kitchen off the vestry and the men’s bathroom behind it. In the last two weeks those rooms have been stripped to the bare walls and a ramp from the vestry into the Educational Building has been largely built. In the entry to the Educational Building, the new handicap-accessible bathroom has been framed in (it looks like a large gray box). That space will be a staging area for the builders as they begin working this week on creating a shaft for the lift in that building (across from the church offices). 

The plan is that the ramp and the work in the Educational Building will be completed shortly after Easter (April 16). After Easter work on the lift in the other building, which will provide access to the front door, sanctuary and vestry, will begin. We hope to have all of the work completed in mid-June. 

All of this is happening because our congregation came together to realize our vision around accessibility in our buildings. Many volunteers have worked (and continue to work) very hard on this project, and many more have supported it financially. 

Speaking of finances, the people of our congregation are giving generously so we can do this work. It is still our hope to complete this project without having to borrow money. You will be hearing soon from you church leaders about how you can contribute to that goal. In a previous e-mail I encouraged those of you who are paying your pledges over time to see how much you could get in to the church by April 1; now that we have a schedule for the work it is clear that a more realistic date for us to aim for is June 1. Regardless, your generous giving is making this work possible. 

I look forward to watching the progress of the work in the coming months. Let me remind all of us to use caution when walking near the areas of construction, and to keep an eye on the children of the church for their safety as well. 

 Reverend Mack