West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 25, 2014



In the fall of the year we hear a lot about giving. Strange as it may seem, some retail stores are already putting up Christmas displays, hoping to capture some of our holiday spending dollars a few weeks earlier this year. I suppose with the growth of our consumer culture, that is no big surprise. Around the church the fall brings our annual emphasis on giving to the church in connection with our pledge drive. We know it’s coming each year, yet each year we hear it in a new way. The times are different, we are different, and sometimes our financial circumstances are different.


            The process we are using this year to make our pledges is the Consecration Sunday program. (Please see a separate letter in the newsletter on this subject from David Troughton, who chairs our Administrative Board.) Like last year, we are inviting everyone in our church to come to worship on Sunday, Nov. 16. On that day, which we are calling Celebration Sunday, we will have only one worship service at 10:00 a.m., and no Sunday School that day. It is our goal to gather our entire church family for that worship service and for a catered meal afterwards. At the worship service we will have as our guest speaker Rev. Jim Mentzer, a dynamic speaker and leader, who will preach and lead us in making our pledges all together that day. Afterwards we will enjoy a meal together and hear the results of our pledging.


All of us can grow in this area. Giving is primarily a spiritual issue, not a financial issue. It is about what we share out of what we have – not about how much we have.


            During late October and early November we will hear during worship about the importance of setting aside a percentage of your income to give to the work of God through your church. We are asking you to make reservations for Sunday, Nov. 16 so that we know how many will be there for the meal. On Nov. 2 and Nov. 9 in worship you will have an opportunity to make your reservation. Please make every effort to be present on this special Sunday.



 Reverend Mack