West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Monday, January 23, 2017

As we begin this new year our church begins a new phase of its Accessibility Building Project. After embracing the vision of accessible church buildings, after raising over $400,000 in pledges and gifts, and after a year of designing a plan and getting it approved by regulatory agencies, we are about to begin construction early in the new year! (Watch your e-mail for a summary of the approved plan.)  It is our hope to have the work done by Easter (April 16) if possible, but we have learned through this process that things have often taken longer to do than we hoped. Whatever time it takes, we will bring this project
to its conclusion and celebrate that event together as a church family!
Of course we need to be prepared for some disruption in our life around the church buildings when the work begins. We in the church office will do our best to communicate with the many groups both within the church and in the wider community who use our buildings. We will try to let people know what we need to do so we can all safely use the buildings while we are under construction. Some activities may need to be held in different rooms, or different parts of the building than usual during construction.
This is an exciting time in the life of our church, as our vision of an accessible church facility begins to be a reality.
Please keep you church in your prayers during this time. 
 Reverend Mack