West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Monday, November 30, 2015


 Our fall season began with a bang this year, as we completed the main phase of our Love Lifts Us Up Campaign for Accessibility capital campaign. Through the hard work and dedication of many volunteers we reached out on September 20 to our congregation for your pledges to support this exciting work, and you certainly came through. A separate article in this newsletter from the campaign committee will give you more detailed information, but we are over 90% of the way to our goal of $400,000 in pledges, and there will be more pledges to come!
When a church feels led by God to take on a challenge such as this project, I believe God provides us with the means to meet that challenge. God has brought forth strong leaders who have led us through the hard but inspiring work of putting this financial goal before our people, and I am very grateful for them. God has also brought forth strong leaders who are overseeing the detailed planning of the building project itself. And through the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of the people of our congregation, God has brought forth pledges (and actual dollars) to do the work.
It is exciting (and very gratifying) to me to see how this congregation has worked together in this important work so far, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of the planning and building process unfolds.
Keep paying your pledges and praying for our church as we move forward!

Reverend Mack


"Love" appears many times in our hymnal and song books 

32 - the number of hymns in the United Methodist Hymnal with the word "love" in the title or first line.

16 - the number of songs in the Faith We Sing and Worship and Song books with the word "love" in the   title or     first line.