West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 01, 2015


 As the weather begins to cool and summer begins to fade into a memory, we enter the Fall season. School begins for the kids (and the teachers) and activity around the church picks up. It is part of the annual cycle of life. 

September is a good time to look again at our relationship with God. Are you drawing nearer to God, or drifting further away? Is your relationship with God an active and vital one, or is it more dormant and passive? What would bring that relationship to new life? 

I routinely see people grow in their faith and in their relationship with God as they serve God through the church. Whether it’s teaching a Sunday School class, or serving on a committee, or volunteering to help with a mission project, or some other role, we come to know God in a new way as we serve God and serve our neighbors through the church. 

This year we are all growing together in our faith as we work together on the “Love Lifts Us Up” capital fund drive. As many of you know, we are raising money to install two vertical lifts and to do other work to make our buildings more accessible. We will be finishing the capital fund drive with a Visitation Sunday on September 13, and a Celebration Sunday on September 20. For those of us leading the capital fund drive, our faith and confidence has been challenged by this big commitment. Yet each time we have stepped out in faith during this process, we have seen God’s power at work through the generous response of our congregation. Working together in this important way has strengthened the faith of our committee members and bound us together more strongly to one another and to our church. 

As we focus again on church life after the summer months, where will you find your place this year? Our doors are open, and there are many opportunities to serve.
Come and worship, learn and serve. 

Reverend Mack 


"Love" appears many times in our hymnal and song books 

32 - the number of hymns in the United Methodist Hymnal with the word "love" in the title or first line.

16 - the number of songs in the Faith We Sing and Worship and Song books with the word "love" in the   title or     first line.