West Chelmsford United Methodist Church
Tuesday, August 22, 2017

 As we prepare to enter August our church building project is drawing to a close. During July the lift in the Narthex (just outside the sanctuary) has been installed and a new outside door created. The railings on the staircase and landing outside the sanctuary are being re-made to a height that meets current building standards, though we will be able to re-use the familiar tops of the rails we hold as we go up the stairs. The contractor will soon start work on a ramp at the back entrance to the building. By the first of September all of the work should be completed.
The end of the project also means the final bills for the work will need to be paid. In June our Administrative Board, on the advice of the Finance Committee, decided that we would not need to take out a loan to make the final payments on the work. We are able to avoid the cost of a loan because of your faithful giving and support for this project!
Of course, even this late in the project, we still do not know exactly what the final costs will be. We would like to avoid taking money, even temporarily, from our church’s savings to pay those last bills. With that in mind, let’s all make every effort to pay as much on our outstanding pledges as possible during August. As we have said before, any money left over, or money that comes in on our pledges after the project is completed, will be kept in a lift maintenance fund, which will help to cover ongoing maintenance costs associated with the new lifts.
This is all wonderful news, and I am very proud of our congregation! On Sunday morning, September 24, we will have a celebration of the completion of this building project. You will hear more about that Sunday later, but plan now to join your church family that day as we mark this milestone, dedicate the new lifts, and thank the many people who have made this project possible!


Reverend Mack